Reference Projects


1. Modernization of Vocational Education and Training (MVET) Program, Turkey
2. Services to Support (ETF) European Training Foundation (ETF) Project Activities in Turkey
3. Regional Development Initiative (RDI) BAKU-TBILISI-CEYHAN (BTC) Pipeline Project-Phase I FIELD  STUDY on “Employment and Enterprise Development Project based on Intersect oral Cooperation- Çukurova Region”
4. Regional Development Initiative (RDI) BAKU-TBILISI-CEYHAN (BTC) Pipeline Project-Phase II  “Employment and Enterprise Development Project based on Intersectoral Cooperation- Çukurova Region”
5. Sexual Reproductive Health Program in Turkey: Health Seeking Behaviour Study 
6. Development of Minimum Standards for Children Living Without Parental Care 
7. MONE/UNICEF Good Governance for Children Project:  Development of Institutional standards of Primary Education Institutions Design a Monitoring and Evaluation System
8. HIV/AIDS KAP (*) Survey on at Risk Groups
9. Interactive Training Programme for Avian and Human Influenza Preparedness Avian and Human Influenza Awareness Creation
10. Technical Assistance for Awareness Creation,  Preparedness and Intervention  for Avian and Human Influenza 
11. Formative and Baseline Research (KAPB/Audience research) on Avian Flu
12. Preparation of the Handbook For Primary Education in order to increase school enrolment under  Campaign of  “The Girls’ Education Campaign “
13. Support Project Management, Monitoring-Evaluation and Project Design (in the scope of EU Grant programs) 
14. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in European Countries and Turkey
15. Access to Finance of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Selected Countries and Turkey
16. User Authentication System Development Project
17. Employment and Training Project
18. CEMTINET: Cementing Training Institutions: A New Approach to Mobility (LDV)
19. KWELE -  Keys for Women Economic and LABOR  Empowerment: Learning Model for Disadvantaged Women to Acquire Qualifications For Office Management (LDV)
20. Establishment of  Vocational Qualifications For Health Industry (LDV)  for An Enhanced VET System at EU Level
21. A.J.O.Y.  – A New Job Opportunity for Unemployed Young People:” Data Security Skilled Worker for SMEs” (LDV)
22. CVs in Retail: Creating Value at European Level in Retail Sector by ICT based Vocational Materials (LDV)
23. Developing and Delivering Innovative ICT Vocational Guidance Services(LDV)-BİDANİŞ
24. Capacity Building through Peer Learning Approach in Montessori Training for the Children With Needs of Special Education at Pre-primary Education
25. Research on Identifying Jobs at which Blind Can Work with Best Performance-Pilot Implementation in a Selected Sector
26. Baseline Survey on Worst Forms of Child Labor in the Context of EU Financed Project on “Eradication the Worst Forms of Child Labor in Turkey”
27. Measuring Longer Term Impact of Services Provided within scope of ILO/IPEC PROJECT for Children Working on Streets and Their Families
28. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) Survey in Pre-School Education
29. Turkish National Education in 21st Century
30. Turkish Apprenticeship Education in 21st Century
31. Preparation of National Observatory Country Report (*): Report on  Vocational Education/Training System and Labor Market
32. Developing Vocational Standards and Qualifications with Training Modules Based on National Qualifications
33. Organization of Peer Review Activities of ETF on VET Reform Policy in Turkey 2004: Social Dialogue in Vocational Education and Training and Employment in Turkey
34. Engineering Services Research related Capitalization Interest Rates and Land Net Incomes Determination for Expropriation Prices of the Agricultural Lands.
35. Investigation of Land Net Revenue and  Capitalization Interest Rate those that can be used for Assessment of Land Value in the Yamula Barrage Lake Area and Adjacent Area, with  Researching Land Values
36. Posof PT-1 Pump Station Natural Gas Connection Land Lıne, Seasonal Products and Premises Price Exploitation (Erzurum- Horasan- Ardahan)
37. Preparation of Report Service to Identify Expropriation Essential Detail Measurement and Value Determination of the  Real Estate in  Ankara Metropolitan Municipality – Mamak Municipality -  Hatip Stream Valley - Samsun Road Aisle  “Urban Transformation and Development Project” Area
38. Ankara – İstanbul Fast Train Project Land Valuation Consultancy Service
39. Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Project  The Project Effected Households who has Difficulties in the Villages on BTC (Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan) Project Route and Adjacent Environment and Researching their Expected Income Effects
40. Impact  Analysis of Expropriating and Land Owning on Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Route over Households 
41. Livelihood Restoration Plan for Fishermen Effected from Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipeline Project
42. User Compensation on the Baku-Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipe Line 
43. Competence Development Project of Child Development Teachers on Individualized Education Methodology for Pre-School Education 
44. DOĞAKA Training, Consultancy and Research Project Activities
45. Strengthening the Statistical Capacity of Ministry of National Education
46. Increasing Enrolment Rates Especially for Girls
47. Reviewing and Evaluting the Capacity and Service Models of Current Institutional and Public Based Day Care and Pre-School Training Programme

48. Regional Development Initiative (RDI) BAKU-TBILISI-CEYHAN (BTC) Crude Oil Pipeline Project-“Support for Employment and Development of Entrepreneurship on Basis of Cross-Sectoral Cooperation - Çukurova Region”

49. Building National Occupational Standards and National Qualifications and as well as Question Bank and Examination and Certification Center based on the Competencies and also Developing Training Modules based on the Competencies

50. Technical consultancy for İTO, TÜRKLİM, TEKİS and TİAD receiving grant within the scope of Voc-Test Grant Program of the Project of Strengthening Vocational Qualifications Authority and National Qualifications System in Turkey during the processes of accreditation and preparation of occupational standards, national qualifications and test item bank

51. a)The Causes of Class Repetition and School Dropouts in Secondary Education and Identifying the Characteristics, Education and b) Employment Status of Children in the Age Group 14- 18 who are out of Formal Education

52. Developing “Orientation Program” for 9th Grade Children at Upper Secondary Education

53. Exclusion of Adolescents in Upper Secondary Education Initiative (EAUSI- TURKEY; 2013)

54. İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) – Technical Consultancy for Development of Occupational Standards and National Qualifications

55. Port Operators Association of Turkey (TÜRKLİM) Technical Consultancy for Development of Occupational Standards, National Qualifications and Test Item Bank Development and Accreditation as VOC-TEST Center

56. All Employers Association of Private Educational Institutions (TEKIS) – Technical Consultancy for Development of Occupational Standards and National Qualification, Test Item Bank and Accreditation Process

57. Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK) –   Technical Consultancy for Development of Occupational Standards and National Qualifications

58. “ MoNE Teacher Employment Projections, Strategies and Systems Development Project ”

59. MESGEP  Improving Occupational Skills Project  - Need Analysis

60- Technical Assistance on Women’s Shelters for Combating Domestic Violence

61-. Technical Assistance for establishment of 3 business incubators in selected regions and development of a network among incubators in Turkey

62- Project Design for Fact Finding Mission to Densely Syrian Populated Provinces on Possible Needs of Qualified Workforce

63-Development of WASH in School Education Content and Methods and Pilot Implementation

64- Developing and Supporting the Implementation of “Intervention Model”



1. Technical Assistance for Establishment of Şanlıurfa Cereals Exchange and Licensed Warehouse (On Going)

2. Technical Assistance for Increasing the Adaptability of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (On Going)

3. Technical Assistance for Promoting Lifelong Learning II in Turkey (On Going)

4. Technical assistance for development of a winter tourism corridor in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars (On Going)

5. Development of School Orientation Programmes for Child Labour Programme- Child Rights and Business Principles (On Going)







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