Projects and Programmes



In its operational areas, EDUSER participates in projects at every stage of  Project Cycle Management, 

including project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  These projects are usually funded by national, regional and international resources. Since EDUSER was established, we have been providing technical support, nationally and internationally. We offer the following services. 


  • Project design:  We design projects in line with criteria that donors determine, taking into account the needs of the organization.   During Project design, based on the circumstances of our client, we offer needs analysis, fund raising, project based cooperation, finding partners, and access to communication networks. 
  • Project management and implementation:  We offer technical advisory services in the areas of project management and implementation within the projects that we design or projects that are designed by others.
  • Monitoring and evaluation:  We conduct monitoring and evaluation activities for ongoing projects 
  • Impact assessment:  We also design impact assessment tools and implement them for the completed projects.


Many institutions use of our services: Ministries, and related institutions, international organizations, civil society organizations, professional institutions, large enterprises that operate within the private sector, also small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).