EDUSER was established in 1997 and since then has become a consultancy firm preferred and sought out by clients in its fields of operation. EDUSER has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of: policy and strategy development, institutional capacity enhancement, research, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation. In this respect, EDUSER has the expertise to contribute to the determination of national polices. With the accumulated knowledge and experience and quality of its services, the following are the main areas of emphasis:


  • Training 
  • Management and Institutional Development
  • Employment and Labour Markets
  • Regional Development
  • Rural Development
  • Civil Society Projects 


EDUSER has a wide customer profile ranging from public organizations to private companies.  We provide services to governmental institutions and organizations, private sector, civil society organizations, non- governmental organizations, universities and other training institutions, international organizations and foreign companies.  Our activities extend beyond Turkish borders. EDUSER conducts many project based activities that are related to vocational training and labor markets. Within this context, we provide technical services to countries including Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, India, Bhutan, Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Iran, Kuwait and Peru.


EDUSER provides  services through technical and administrative departments ıncludıng.


  • Training and Human Resources  Development
  • External Relations
  • Project Development & Implementation
  • Business Development
  • Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics
  • Finance and Administration
  • Communication Design